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You are not alone. If your business does not grow,
then we don’t grow We work for you and with you.

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Your Business becomes:

        • Stronger
        • More profitable   
        • Reduce costs
        • Growth without increasing overhead
        • Increases client time
        • Reduced stress
        • More compliant

Totally seamless

        • Join our network of advisors
        • Minimise the work in running a financial practice 
        • The only action at your end is to scan the proposal documents
        • We seamlessly access them and work away from there
        • Our unique methodoligies  keep you up to date on everything -instantly 24/7
        • If you don’t want to look at the system – that’s ok – you get an email update every time something changes

You are not alone

Our interests are completely aligned with yours
If your business does not grow, then we don’t grow
We work  with you

Most financial brokerages / advisory practices are not of sufficient scale to invest in all the different skill sets required to run an efficient and successful practice.

The demand on financial Brokers has increased materially over the past few years resulting in either:

  • Reduced time for servicing clients
  • Reduced time creating new revenue
  • File compliance concerns
  • Recurring / renewal income full quantified
  • Quality of renewal book / persistency audited
  • These are the things which put value on a  financial practice
  • Accessing staff of a suitable skill set is itself a distraction and adds material fixed overhead to a business
  • Even with in-house staff, efficiency is a challenge 
  • The financial broker concentrates on growing revenue we can look after the rest
  • As part of the  Broker Assist  Network you can access 3rd party accreditation for your clients
  • Local person supported by large organisation is confirmed as consumer ideal scenario

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